Friday, January 23, 2015

Sex Crimes

Edgy topic, room becomes hot, the talk ceases, does he mean it, no one speaks,  hush, before you open your mouth, not allowed discuss this, her perfume is potent, his response electric, immediately interested, suddenly listens, others notice, only sex they remark, used to be love that connected us, upstairs fourteen year old surfs, technically advanced, gets around protective software, in a another chat room, strangers without limits, he’s excited, footsteps, he closes page, doing my homework mam, she retreats down the stairs, elsewhere, young boy watches television, understands the connotation, giggles and laughs, this is the adult life, can’t wait to get older, can’t grow up fast enough, elsewhere, campaigners on street, seeking another sort of device, privately twisted publicly upright, eventually it merges into one, child become devious adult, father has affairs, the marriage becomes an arrangement, the wife becomes medicated, can’t deal with it, her world is sexually saturated, intimacy isn’t deemed important, can get it in online, society can’t agree on it, civil libertines I suppose, your here for a good time, it’s not about prudence, it’s control, it’s not about desire, it’s the sheer scale of the need, when half the world is totally addicted.
The figure is actually higher, but the children being born into it, deserve a much better world, amen. Babylon wouldn't
register today, imagine what it means, when the seed is addict led, what will the farmer do, just saying what ought to be said, well, God Most High is watching, and it’s obvious from the cloud, amen, the circular cloud has been seen too, time to accept your involvement in it, in all these sex crimes? 70% 0f internet traffic is sex led, it becomes your DNA, just beware of the habits you pass on, the pressure being mounted upon small children, it just isn’t fair, and if you want an example of stress, see what happened to Edward Snowden and others, who opened up and spoke the truth, if there is a Heaven there is a hell, perhaps life is sometimes a living one, a global debate on the matter is needed before it’s too late, amen, excuses for doing nothing about it wont cut it with God Most High, the internet should have been divided into zones years ago, there were plans by good souls to achieve this years ago, but money and greed intervened instead, and that’s the greatest sex crime of all, corruption. $5dollar program could solve the problem in the morning, chasing people to blame for what society’s negligence created, is worthless and purely self serving, amen. Do you put your trust in the God of eternal love, or the demon inside, 11 th hour miracles are not uncommon,

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Break the Chain

Going for a shower, washing the face, breakfast on the table, getting ready for the race, office is an hour away, the bus ride is head space, boss is a grumpy bastard, soon it’s lunchtime, time for friends, eat and chat away, back to the office, waiting for next moment, soon heading home, tired and sweaty, your back on the shower, washing away the day, settle down TV on, hour later bed, sleep eight hours, alarm clock call, go round the ring again, turn radio on, hear a preacher’s saying, it’s your life, do it your own way, you grab the breakfast, throw it away, back to bed, feck the boss, your tired of being dead, welcome to the new world, your alive at last, amen.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Poetry Love Heart

Poetry, the opportunity to refrain from thinking, chance to reflect on something else, form of meditation I suppose, helps put down the worries, allows new thoughts in, to fill the mind and heart, there is someone else that cares, you are not alone in this, it gives hope to those anxious or in despair, one way God helps us all daily, provides the talents necessary for it, hopefully we use them wisely, the many gifts poured out by the Holy Spirit, just saying there’s much more to poetry, and the arts in general, amen.

How often has you heart moved, not often enough if your honest, put on that old song of yours, listen to your heart beat as tears swell, be it the joy the sorrow the reminisce,
Worlds of love need constant reassurance, words of love give us great assurance, music poetry great movies performance dance, ways to unwrap the emotions we hide sometimes, the world doesn’t encourage outpourings regularly, they send you to the doctor usually, then medicate you till you stop hoping, that’s not loving is it really?

Love, it hurts sometimes it don’t it isn’t love, much easier to give birth without pain, easier to watch a child grow without worry, the pain of watching them leave home, the first day they are not with you, the waiting as they come home from afar, love is meant to be tough sometimes, not all the time just occasionally, it’s the great reminder that’s wisdom in action, you’ll get to understand what it really is, growth inside your body and soul, sometimes we need to mess up, makes the reunion of love even better.


DNA, what does it mean, what is it made of, how is it constructed, what’s the human input, do our actions matter, do we pass on errors, do our habits add to it, answers we don’t want to answer for, alcohol, mental, physical or other, we pass on our faults readily, it’s why we find it hard to forgive, it’s why we are addicted easily, the traits we encounter from other generations, imagine then, the current state of the human seed bank, ego driven, self interests, sexually addicted, and many others too, add them to the past traits passed on, a mighty mess ahead of all, but the good news is this, with change we can turn it all around, in one generation actually, unless it’s not something to be interested in, DNA, there’s more of you in it that you’d wish, hope the porn habit isn’t too taxing. The reason women are taking over, they still work the higher love, the gift of children, the love inside, amen.

Jesus warned us, science has proved it, we pass on our faults, the demon hates Love, worse it gets unless we change, it’s why reform is everywhere, simply wisdom. The man in the sky, God Most High, is active, time to open the heart wide open, amen.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


It’s been reported, trouble for many ahead, helpless souls in need, it’s well understood, the risk of another famine, in Africa, result of conflicts and wars. Following the ambulance, chasing the posse, getting involved politely, while ignoring the problem, until it gets out of hand, when Aid The Agencies The Lawyers and CNN assemble, prepare to move in and correct things, after many millions are gone, is no longer an acceptable action, and it’s about to happen again. The Pope, Leaders of Islam, Judaism, need to get it together, and rather quickly. The global leaders are aware of this worsening situation, and they see opportunity in it for sure, so there is no point falling back on them, and it’s a question of numbers to them, whether people live or die, suffer or cry out in pain. This is not an issue of interest for those in control, another half million dead means nothing to them, unless it’s a disease that affects their lives, this has been proved time and time again, God Most High is watching it all. Stretch the imagination, what happens when we reach our quota, when the number is up,,,,

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Blast

Another honest soul stands up.

Another manic Monday in Washington,  truth has escaped again, where has she gone.
Is it the wedding feast of the lamb. Pandemonium a word you don’t hear too often.
But is describes the mind of the controlling set, and they are about to get seriously upset, amen. God Most High is at it again, David has conquered Goliath, read on, or pop a few more Valiums or whatever is the medication you are on, bullying, abusing, whatever. If you think your parenting skills will save you, the German high command of world war two, felt the very same way too, and were all deemed great respective parents.
Triumph of truth over fear, new revelations appear, a man with a conscience, on the run from those, who prefer to hide behind organization, not unlike those old roman columns, who organized amid confusion, stole a march on the so called heathen, ceasar’s palace is no longer a safe haven, as the truth gets an opening, the light that breaks through, the power of an eternal God, who gave wisdom to prophets, warned us of the hell that awaits us, unless we mend our ways in private, not the spin that we so often argue.
So many wars unnecessary, millions upon millions living in abject poverty, not our problem I hear you say, tell that to the mothers, may I remind you.
United nations, world bank, titan corporations, your game is up, the time of the Lord has arrived, justice will be served in fine detail, like those plush five star meals you so often enjoy, with service only a lawyer could dream up.
Dismantling a system takes time, too many innocent people mixed up in it, unaware of the conspiracy going on behind the scenes, with the click of a dream, these evil ones can be turned into babbling minds, and it’s happening globally now, it’s there for all to see, the large numbers of respected folk, making complete fools of themselves, waking in the middle of the night, their bodies covered in sweat their nightmares coming through, the seeds they sowed will prove an easy harvest, weeds aplenty hope renewed, the day of reckoning is upon us.
How many reputable people had their character destroyed, so many the world has already forgot,like the innocent victims of every war, but be glad if you are one of the few, God Most High hears every call, and his memory is bigger than the biggest computer on view, the most powerful weapon in the entire universe, truth, is it not sad that we try to contain the view, rather than learn from our mistakes of the past, like the day they assassinated Che Guevara,, JFK, Martin Luther king, to name a few or burned Joan of Arc alive at the stake, butchered the Cathars of france, all those centuries ago, the mindless war in Iraq, the blood spilled in Gaza, the demonization of nations, cause they didn't agree with our view. Long live the truth and protection Lord please, to all on the planet, who try to promote all that is good, no matter what religion race or sect they represent.

Before you start your prayers, remember one thing and keep it in your heart. God most high, only listens to what is heart, and in the past he was moved, by the emotional distress, distress that was caused to infuriate the good the few, whose prayers are always listened to. Thankfully, this game of chess, where the heart strings were pulled and jerked about, was so abused by those in the know, who used secret knowledge to built empires and all that sort, no longer curries favor in heavens view, a long time coming as Bob
Dylan would say, a hurricane, get used to it, but the truth stands out like running water in a desert, and it’s arrived in such a way, that those who tried to undermine wisdom, are going to have an eternal view, of the hardship hatred and despair they sowed. Having seen the cloud, the changing sky, the lifting up of new voices, not to mention the many miracles and there’s been a few, the efforts of so many governments to hide the truth, the chaos that is more a pandemic that the pornographic rage that fills the minds of so many, it’s there in black and white, the internet was the final frontier, and the numbers don’t lie ask your bank manager if your unsure, or those who collect internet data, even they can’t come to terms with the addictive nature of the human mind, which half of the world surfs for truth, which half of the world surfs for porn, what do you think is going to be the outcome to all this, a minority report, just kidding, perhaps Tom Cruise was right, women are from mars, men are from some other planet, captain kirk and spock, imagine having to rely on an alien for wisdom, when the truth was presented to you in black and white, print.