Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Sunshine

The light appears the heart soars, minds wonder for some fear grows, everyone a combination of awe and astonishment, for all the believers a rejoicing, to realize that  God Most High is with them, and it’s in their hearts he sighs, inner well being removal of fear, the promise of his returning a certainty, and the Great day is getting near, preparations being made to commemorate the end of the great waiting,
the revelation of the wonderful occasion, peace is pouring onto the streets, the radio’s play joyfully young are brash confident, men and women  who believe the real  cement, not a time for division pointing or accusations, it’s a simple reflection on that great occasion, God Most High sent his son to live among us,  then brought him back to life, the forgiveness of the father indicative of what is expected from us, the awful punishment dealt out to the one most holy among us, if the God of heaven and earth can be so patient and thoughtful,  it is time and proper we try to assume his way of living, Easter the season of forgiveness love fraternity and redemption , perhaps it should be Easter every weekend of the year, mothers day too, Christmas day too, valentines day, father’s day, children’s welfare day, women’s day, in fact it should be remembered that God is with us every day, just imagine it but you don’t have to do that anymore, check the image of the man in the sky, and if you need a pair of glasses buy two and give one pair away to someone who needs them, amen.

Monday, March 24, 2014


The Perversion

The legacy of evil has reached a peak, and it ain’t going any higher, the cries in the hearts of true love, are being heard in all the right circles, no time to abandon faith time to act out wisdom, the orchestraters of evil the mind benders, the fallen angels and their wicked schemes, have reached the evil peak and it’s permanent hell for all those involved, their callous supporters and their associates better prepare for the torment that is their future, from this day moment forward for all eternity, it’s game over for this lot and their efforts to control, and using children and the emotional tab is rock bottom, it’s going to be paradise for the real believers and a mixture of shame and punishment for the remainder, the legacy of deceit corruption and moral decay has stirred up God Most High, rejoice if you believe as these words are spoken, amen.

Using former child stars to excite and confuse young children, the perversion that is idol worship and abuse of minds, the worst form of tactic in trying to control the growing mind, watch the world shine, amen

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Healing Prayers

Prayer for healing and well being

Dear saints, God Most High, and all those of righteous standing who rest above, intervene for us all, peace healing and well being is sought for the people of this world, mercy please and understanding in this time of great change, many worry and are in distress, their feelings and emotions trapped inside their hearts, you have intervened many times and your guiding light inspires, show us your mercy and understanding once more, we have gone to the abyss, made silly mistakes and were stubborn as well, have pity on us all and let us all love once more, may this prayer be a step in the right direction, one that all that believe in you can say and understand, amen, great miracles were used by the great prophets and Jesus to teach us your ways, in your mercy let us encounter them again and grow in love and faith as well, in your divine mercy and power we trust, amen.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Interests of God

East west north or south, religious practice, personal choices, Friday Saturday Sunday, just leave one day aside, Love is divine, we encourage it, we survive, Jesus came along to clarify matters, other prophets have arrived since, God is always sending messengers, can be music can be words, can be the example of a life, the be all end all is Love, so simple yet so complicated too, the image in the sky, is a picture taken, I have a set of five, I was raying and praying, in the middle of a field, taking the healing sun on board, had questions on my mind, spoke words the same as now, requested hope and a sign, my life was about to change, it has changed many times, but I was on a journey, not sure of my final destination, was asked to form my own religion, didn’t seriously consider it, but I just lay there, in the sun, not a stitch on, sky was clear blue, not a cloud for miles, explained myself to my God, I’ve survived many things, friends say I’m blessed, a cloud appeared out of nowhere, thought I was imagining it, what I saw in the clouds above, got my camera out and shot it, it lasted five minutes or less, checked the camera saw the unbelievable, image of a man from the clouds, read the holy scriptures afterwards, it was exactly what the prophet E
sdras prophesied. This is just one of many experiences I have had. In the interests of Love, children who suffer, women enslaved, pass this testimony on, it proves the existence of the Real God Most High, it will open hearts and bring about a renaissance in Love, and a better understanding of what is expected of us, all of us. I’m a very ordinary man, but I have sure proof of life after death, and this image, just a small part of that proof actually, will serve justice in the minds of those, who attempt to control our emotional output, that I am sure, it’s why I have posted it, many times before, to let the perpetrators of evil and their supporters understand, that certain justice awaits them unless they amend their ways, amen.
If anyone wants to email me personally, I’m available at paddypicasso@gmail.com.
If you have facebook or other social network outlets, I would appreciate it, if you would pass the image on.  I imagine, God Most High, would welcome that too, amen.

In the interests of Love, you always have the interest of God. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

real time

High praise for those who follow mammon, in the media the news the network, hallowed tones respect and applause, a constant reminder given to the young, blinding the senses and making them dumb, occasionally we highlight a voice from the desert, a good news story that enlightens everyone, soon as the trouble subsides we are back in the pit, shouting orders same as the wall street elite, traders in heat while so many don’t even eat, ignorance of the laws of God almost complete, feel good for a moment cause it wont last, count the crumbs in your portfolio and sleep, it is all you’ll do cause you can’t bring it with you, just the acts of your lives which will probably catch you, so says the God of Heaven and Earth who waits in Heaven for you, don’t they understand he wonders all this goading, giving love an open space means leaving space within you, for the message to roam freely not under duress daily, the cost of getting into Heaven priceless for everyone else tragedy, amen.

Check the image in the sky, it’s real.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Poisoning the Airways

Poisoning the airways
Poisoning the minds
It’s accountability time
Man tells honest story
State goes into attack mode
The truth doesn’t matter
Damage limitation exercise
They search for anything
Hoping for the worst
They manufacture evidence
Hope to stop the outpouring
God appears in the Sky,
Sends storms and more,
They are listening now,
Poisoning the world,
Poison the child,
They’ll soon fill with hate.
Well God Most High isn’t impressed,
Truth serum global change outlook
All over the entire world,
This has been the status,
Control control control,
Well that plan is as they say,

All, over over over, amen.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Harmony Row

Harmony Row, the “Reign of Woman”

Fear is destroying,
over reacting zealots,
forever pumping hatred,
closing hearts daily,
shutting everyone up,
with their every move,
never practising they preach,
using every form of escape,
the story of the world,
extremists enjoying the ping pong,
God Most High looking on,
have they forgotten how to love,
would appear so,
they continue to poison minds,
numbers more important,
easier to hide,
truth banished from people,
what’s the fear you wonder,
talking points at the davos summit,
man in the sky is watching,
checking the clock counting,
can they recover the abyss,
angels sent to warn them,
old singing prophets worn
elite control room in disarray
moment of great change has come
next stop the new world order
women taking over,
total eclipse of the power of man,
time for heaven on earth to reign,
for at least awhile, amen,

welcome to harmony row